Chicken Divine or Tuna Casserole?



thirschfeld October 18, 2010
midge I have seen this tuna casserole and it is great. I made both Saturday as an experiment. The chicken my mom always called divine but many know it as Divan, both are great dishes. I once saw a dish by Thomas Keller, called Betty's Spaghetti and it was his version of his mom's spaghetti. Got me to thinking about tuna casserole and Chicken Divan.
Midge October 18, 2010
I'm sure you have a killer tuna noodle casserole up your sleeve, thirschfeld, but just in case, here's one that doesn't use canned soup. It's delicious.
Bevi October 18, 2010
I was raised on tuna noodle - and so were my kids!
luvcookbooks October 18, 2010
Also, what is Chicken Divine? I'm assuming it's a chicken casserole, may have voted prematurely.
luvcookbooks October 18, 2010
I've never made Chicken a la King. Tried and True recipes?
anyone October 17, 2010
I will always give people the respect they deserve as humans no matter what there choices are when it comes to food. But, in some cases I have to give an opinion that I really can't hold. So if your choice is to eat tuna casserole made with canned tuna, more power to you. But if your going to make a casserole with sushi grade tuna. I have to say what a waste of good tuna! There so many better ways to use it.
nutcakes October 17, 2010
I lied, I forgot I've made the fresh one from Kitchen Sense a couple of times.
betteirene October 17, 2010
(Voice of Homer Simpson): Chicken a la king. Mmmmm.
nutcakes October 16, 2010
bleck, I'd go for the chicken because you can try to make it moist. I'd never make tuna noodle ever again.
luvcookbooks October 16, 2010
tuna casserole with either rice krispies or corn flakes instead of the tato chips, also i also love the chips, esp classic ruffles. be sure there are peas in the tuna casserole part and i eschew the canned soup that is usually in the casserole in favor of a cream sauce with sauteed mushrooms.
anyone October 16, 2010
It's funny that the post here is so retro. I just had a request for Sunday dinner tommorow be chicken a la king. Another 1950's hit apparently.
mrslarkin October 16, 2010
Definitely tuna casserole. With 'tato chips.
pierino October 16, 2010
Whoa bro! Tuna casserole off the back of a soup can was the food of my childhood. So I'm going with that. Seriously, I kept trying to ramp it up but staying true. When my late mother was heading down that slope I prepared one for the family just as a nod to that time. Don't forget the potato chips on top.
drbabs October 16, 2010
How about Tuna Divine?
TiggyBee October 16, 2010
I'm feeling retro today...Tuna Casserole
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