I'm getting lime basil in my CSA next week. no earthly idea what I will do with it. Any suggestions?



Lisa September 5, 2018
Fresh lime basil is delicious with sauteed onion and garlic over fish, shrimp, chicken and turkey. It is also a great substitute for cilantro in tomatillo salsa (especially pineapple tomatillo).
Dorie G. August 22, 2011
As others have said, lime basil is good with chicken, fish and pasta -- I like it with orzo -- and nice turned into a syrup that you can use to make cocktails or to add to lemonade. It's really nice with fruit, think peaches and berries and melon and mango. The lime basil I've bought had a big lime flavor, almost lime-leaf big, and so I found that I used less of it than I might have used were it regular sweet basil. I just did an article on basil for The Wall Street Journal that included a dessert recipe that had a smooth, creamy basil and avocado mix topped with mango and strawberries -- I bet it would be good with lime basil. If you make it, please let me know.
jwill August 19, 2011
Have friends over and make basil gimlets!
SKK August 19, 2011
Cookies - http://chasingdelicious.com/lemon-lime-basil-cookies/
Pesto using lime basil - great on chicken or pasta
Chop it up and put it over fruit salad
Good in all Thai dishes
olive2eat August 19, 2011
it depends how much you are getting but I was thinking of a lime basil sorbet or lime basil butter for fish or rouille for Bouillabaisse.
boulangere August 19, 2011
Mmmmm. Something fishy.
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