What to do with a very large bunch of scallions?

I had a square foot of scallions left in my garden that were starting to bolt, so I just decided to pull them. I figured I would give them away but then I remembered this handy Foodpickle feature and thought I might give it a try. So, does anyone have suggestions or ideas for what to do with a very, very large bunch of scallions? Thanks!

  • Posted by: checker
  • August 19, 2011


healthierkitchen August 23, 2011
Francis Lam has a great ginger scallion sauce -
Bevi August 22, 2011
Nigella's Black and Blue Steak marinade:

Helen's A. August 22, 2011
Make jerked chicken!
babytiger August 20, 2011
Speaking of rolling them in bacon, it reminds me of this Japanese dish where scallion is rolled in thin slices of beef. It's called beef negimaki.
checker August 20, 2011
Loads of good ideas! Thank you all! And bacon-wrapped grilled scallions - you are a "sick puppy" indeed, but I think we may be from the same litter. ;)
mrslarkin August 20, 2011
We've grilled them, too, (wrapped in bacon - because that's how we roll.) Awesome.

I love ALL these ideas...I'm sensing a Your Best Scallions contest theme here!!!!!! Let's shall add this to the list along with Your Best Recipe Inspired by a Song. :)

amysarah August 20, 2011
Scallions are lovely simply brushed with a little olive oil and s&p and quickly grilled (lay them perpendicular to grates for char marks, and so they don't fall through.) They get a little soft and smokey - a great, easy accompaniment for grilled steak, lamb, chicken...

A whole steamed fish with scallions and ginger is surprisingly easy and really delicious. A big one is a great way to feed a lot of people. (Pretty much any white fish.) I do it 'by heart' but there are lots of recipes on the internet if you search 'Chinese Whole Steamed Fish...'

Any kind of stir fry, or Asian noodle dish; I like lots of thinly sliced ones in Sesame Noodles - they lighten it up, keep it from being cloying.

Also - chopped and mixed in some good cream cheese. On a toasted bagel, with or without lox. Heaven.

lovesitc August 20, 2011
I'm with you, @babytiger. Although I cant grill (no grill :( . . . so I put them under the broiler, watching carefully). Just a couple spritzes of olive oil, salt and pepper. You'd be amazed at how delicious they are!
babytiger August 20, 2011
Grilling them whole is nice.
Another thing you can make is scallion ginger sauce (finely chopped scallion, grated ginger, salt and a light oil). It's a great dipping sauce for poached chicken and the like.
Sam1148 August 20, 2011
While it's not scallion intensive. Chicken yakatori.

Boneless, skinless chicken breast. Slice them in strips.
Line them up and layer in scallions between the strips.
Use two skewers to secure them like this: =[|][|][|][|]=
Glaze them with a teriyaki sauce and grill or broil.
checker August 19, 2011
mrslarkin August 19, 2011
Scallion pancakes! http://userealbutter.com/2008/04/30/chinese-scallion-pancakes-recipe/
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