Caponata for canning

I received an unexpected bounty of fresh-picked Japanese eggplant last night. I'm thinking about making and canning caponata. I see direction about not canning eggplant straight but this sounds safe. So many options online. Lookiing for a sweet- savory version, maybe with golden raisins. Any suggestions? Thanks.

  • Posted by: jwlucas
  • August 21, 2011


Droplet August 22, 2011
I called grandma today to ask her about this. She said that that is how her mother did it and so did she.She used to can it every year when I was a kid and I remembered her telling me that the vinegar should be added later when you open the jar. I thought it had to do with preservation/ spoilage prevention, but apparently it was a matter of a personal way of doing things.She claims it alters the taste and makes it more sour when the vinegar is in the jar. Many of the Caponata-for-canning recipes that I found online did have vinegar in them so yours should be ok.
sdebrango August 21, 2011
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I have to look at Batali's caponata. My friend just tonight gave me his cookbook maybe its in there. Congrats on the many pints of caponata!
jwlucas August 21, 2011
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jwlucas August 21, 2011
I made a hybrid using ideas from the recipe linked above and Mario Batali's recipe posted on Food TV. I did use vinegar as I don't think it would really be caponata without it. It's delicious. The batch made a generous 15 half pints.
sdebrango August 21, 2011
You can double or triple easily, I have never canned it but my mother did and she added vinegar. I would like to know why also?
jwlucas August 21, 2011
Why no vinegar? I would this that helps to stabilze it for better shelf life.
Droplet August 21, 2011
Technically you can use any recipe you find online that you like. It is better to precook everything the way you do when you are making a small batch of caponata, then can it that way. An important thing to keep in mind if canning it, is to not add the vinegar.Add it when you open a jar later. Aside from that, sterilize your jars, fill them up leaving some head space, secure the lids and process in a water bath 10-15 minutes from the moment they begin to boil.
jwlucas August 21, 2011
Thanks, I saw that. I'm assuming it can double (or more) without harm? Do you ever can it?
sdebrango August 21, 2011
This is my version of caponata it does not contain golden raisins but you can add them when you are making it, I think i would taste great.
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