Wondering what you consider the best cutting board material . . .

there seem to be so many out there, all claiming to be the better than the others, for one reason or another. From a cook's perspective, what's best? And why? Thank you. ;o)



sygyzy September 7, 2010
Wood is undoubtedly the best material. It's naturally anti-bacterial, is gentle on your knives, and it's "fast"
ImmaEatThat August 23, 2010
Glass cutting boards are the worst. They are slippery, make an awful noise when a knife hits it, and don't clean easily, e.g. totally breakable, things stick.

I love plastic cutting boards, especially the giant white ones which are all purpose. To be safe though, have colored ones for meat, fish, poultry, vegetables.

Wooden ones are great, but bow easily meaning they turn upwards at an awkward slant, and crack if you do not apply wood oil.

Skip those flimsy thin so-called cutting boards, as they slip as well.

monkeymom August 23, 2010
I bought a bamboo board once. It was terrible....very hard and made a horrible clickety noise when I cut on it. I stick to wood or cheaper plastic ones that I've gotten at Trader Joes.
drbabs August 19, 2010
This question raises one of my big pet peeves---glass cutting boards. I spent a weekend with my sister-in-law and brother-in-law and watched aghast as she cut everything on a glass cutting board. And they wonder why their knives are dull! (I like the OXO with rubber edges and plain wood boards, too. (Thanks, thirschfeld, for the suggestion about using the cabinet liner.)
thirschfeld August 19, 2010
Wood, it dulls knives less. If you are worried about it slipping I put a piece of that foamy cabinet liner materiel under it. It is the stuff that keeps stuff from sliding around in drawers. I wash it and I use lemon oil to clean it.
pierino August 18, 2010
Personally I like really heavy Chinese ironwood boards. They are inexpensive, and yeah they will show cracks but if you wash them properly that's not a big deal. They won't abuse your knives and they won't slide around on your counter.
lastnightsdinner August 18, 2010
It depends - for juicy or slippery things, I love my OXO cutting boards with the rubber edges and well around the edge. For anything else, I have a heavy bamboo board with rubber feet that I adore.
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