I assume I can substitute the same amount of blueberries for blackberries?

  • Posted by: Crispy
  • August 24, 2011
Himalayan Blackberry Pie
Recipe question for: Himalayan Blackberry Pie


lapadia September 6, 2011
Hi Crispy, I love combining recipe ideas and am delighted everything worked out perfect for you, would love to see your recipe, I’ll message my email to you, or perhaps you could post here on F52?
@ HLA I read about the granny smith in Cook's, too, but haven't tried it...love that magazine.
hardlikearmour September 6, 2011
1 grated Granny Smith apple per blueberry pie. I learned it from Cook's Illustrated.
Crispy September 6, 2011
@hardlikearmour. You know, I read your comment about apple pectin but when I went to make the pie I thought it was in a recipe but couldn't find it anywhere. How much grated apple did you use?
Crispy September 6, 2011
Well I combined 3 recipes from lapadia's Himalayan Blackberry Pie, drbabs Blueberry Pie with Cornmeal Crust and Kraft's Blueberry Pie with Tapioca... It was delicious! My mother-in-law said I could make money selling it. If anyone wants the recipe, let me know.
lapadia August 27, 2011
Oh WOW! My dad turned 92 at the end of July, I can't even imagine being that old. Have fun!! :)
Crispy August 27, 2011
Thanks for the tips Lapadia, I'll let you know how it turns out. I'm making it for a family member who is turning 91 this week!
lapadia August 24, 2011
Hi Crispy, although I have never made a blueberry pie – I agree with everybody else…go for it. FYI - I found a blueberry pie recipe, link below, that is similar to my recipe, uses 4 cups berries, (except they used white sugar and 1 more tablespoon tapioca). Important Note: the ingredients need to sit 15 minutes because it helps to soften the little instant tapioca pearls (this wasn’t written into the recipe and I am unable to edit it at this time). As well the sit allows the flavors to blend. Would love to know how your pie turned out! Here is that link:
Crispy August 24, 2011
Thanks for all the tips ~ @wssmom, funny! Looking forward to making it!
wssmom August 24, 2011
You might have to change the name of the pie, but blueberries would be lovely!
hardlikearmour August 24, 2011
I say go for the blueberries! I like to grate a granny smith apple into blueberry pie, the pectin helps thicken it nicely. Lapadia's pies are amazing!
aargersi August 24, 2011
I would think so - this is the first pie crust I EVER made and it is absolutely wonderful - the crust, the pie, everything. You are going to love it!!!!
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