blackberry cobbler

Building a cobbler using Lucky Leaf Premium Blackberry filling. Noticed folks using almond extract for cherries, cinnamon for apples/peaches and orange zest for blueberries. What might a person use for blackberries? Anything/nothing?

  • Posted by: Greg
  • July 4, 2018


Smaug July 5, 2018
Also, since you're using a prepared filling, it's important to know what's in it- it's likely to have been balanced for acid (so you wouldn't need lemon juice)and surely contains plenty of sugar, possibly other flavors- have you tried it to see if it seems lacking?
ChefJune July 5, 2018
I would probably use a little fresh lemon juice and/or zest to help lift the flavor. Peaches need lemon, too.
Nancy July 4, 2018
Agree with Smaug...good blackberries need nothing.
But if you want to tinker with the flavor, see blackberry cocktail recipes for compatible ingredients and use one or more if you, rum, lemon, lime, mint, etc.
Smaug July 4, 2018
Good blackberries need no help, but cinnamon is not inappropriate; maybe some lemon juice if the berries lack bite.
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