A question about a recipe: Alice Waters' Ratatouille

If you were making this with small Japanese eggplants (6-8" and fairly slender), would you salt the eggplant at the outset? The ones I get at the Asian farmers' market are not in the slightest bit bitter. Thanks very much. ;o)



AntoniaJames September 6, 2011
Hey, thanks, everyone. I made this over the weekend and salted the Japanese eggplant. Quite a bit of water was released. The ratatouille was so tasty! I didn't use bell peppers, but did add some gold zucchini for color along with some green ones. I'll comment on the recipe itself, too.;o)
sdebrango August 25, 2011
I use small Italian eggplants and don't salt them. They are not bitter at all, I do agree with HLA about the salt drawing out the water but with the smaller ones I find that the water is minimal.
dymnyno August 25, 2011
I usually don't salt small eggplants, especially very fresh Japanese eggplants.
wssmom August 25, 2011
I generally don't salt the small eggplants ....
hardlikearmour August 25, 2011
I almost always salt eggplant to help draw out some of the water as it gives a better final texture, so I vote yes.
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