Where is the best place in the frig to store cheese? I recently heard that you shouldn't store it in the cheese compartment because it's too humid in there.



mr.ikslopot October 30, 2010
Cheese wrapped in tinfoil keeps very well in the cheese drawer. I used to work in a cheese manufacturing business. You could always wax it.
thirschfeld August 19, 2010
Cheese likes 55 to 65% humidity. Your drawers in your fridge should have an adjustment for humidity. But if you store it in any other part of the fridge and you put it in parchment then it will dry out because you more than likely have auto-defrost. Great for keeping the ice away and selling tupperware but not really good for food.
TheWimpyVegetarian August 19, 2010
Thanks very much both of you. Clearly I need to look at how I'm treating my cheeses :-)!! But I'm on it now. Thanks.
TasteFood August 18, 2010
I echo LND regarding the wrapping of the cheese when storing. Do not wrap in plastic but in paper or parchment. Plastic does not allow the cheese to breathe, accelerates molding, and imparts an off-flavor. Cheese actually thrives in a humid environment, so long as it can breathe. We store our cheese in a drawer in our refrigerator.
lastnightsdinner August 18, 2010
We only have one drawer in our smallish fridge, which is where the bulk of our veggies live, so I generally store cheese on the middle shelf either wrapped in its original paper (we buy the vast majority of our cheeses direct from Narragansett Creamery at the farmers' market, or from our favorite local cheesemongers at Farmstead), or wrapped in coated parchment. We do have a small "cheese safe" I got as a gift from Williams-Sonoma, which also houses small quantities of cheese, unwrapped and for the short-term, in the cooler months of the year.
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