A question about a recipe: Bourbon-Spiked Corn Cakes

I have a question about the ingredient "golden corn flour (Masa Harina)" on the recipe "Bourbon-Spiked Corn Cakes" from MyFareFoodie. Is this a ground corn (orange in color) or a very fine corn flour that is white which would be used for thickening?

Bourbon-Spiked Corn Cakes
Recipe question for: Bourbon-Spiked Corn Cakes


susan G. August 27, 2011
The lime that is used to make masa is not lime-the-fruit, but a calcium compound (as in limestone). This is the traditional process for making the corn more digestable, mostly used for tortillas, arepas, etc. If you have access to Hispanic foods, that's where you're likely to find it.
aussiefoodie August 26, 2011
Thanks! I'll see if I can find it at the store near me which carries the Bob's Red Mill range.
MyFareFoodie August 26, 2011
Hi Aussie Foodie, this is what I used - http://www.bobsredmill.com/golden-masa-harina-corn-flour.html - It is a corn flour (yellow in color) that is made from corn soaked in lime juice that is then dried and ground. Hope that helps!
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