A question about a recipe: Tortilla Española con Chorizo

Besides one obviously being cured and the other being fresh, what is the difference between Mexican and Spanish chorizo? Can you use the dried chorizo the same way you would use the fresh?

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Tortilla Española con Chorizo
Recipe question for: Tortilla Española con Chorizo

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SKK August 27, 2011
The fresh chorizo would have a lot more fat to drain than the dried, which would impact the recipe. This question was asked about 3 months ago and ChefJune said:
"Spanish and Mexican chorizo are two very different products, as you've found out. The fresh likely can be subbed for the cured sausage, but I would cook it first. Otherwise you're likely to have fat pools in your empanadas. Not a good thing." Here is the link http://www.food52.com/foodpickle/5435-substituting-fresh-dried-chorizo-or-fresh-chorizo-recipe-recommendation?rq2fp
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