Doubled the butter, ruined my almond shortbread

I wondered why the dough needed to be spread in the pan and I even chilled it instead of checking my recipe/questioning the lack of flour. I cooked it for awhile, but of course it isn't setting up at all. I've now poured it into a bowl, it is very soft. I suppose I'm going to try to add more flour and see what happens, but I wanted to see if this has happened to anyone else here.



nutcakes August 28, 2011
I did double up the remaining ingredients and carried on. It was too crumbly to serve, but I got enough squares out of it ti eat some. Great flavor and texture..I am saving all the crumbs created from from cutting it to top my morning peaches or perhaps a couple of peach crumble ramekins. Because of the almond flour, that's going to be a nice combo.
boulangere August 27, 2011
Unfortunately, I agree with lbgirl. By adding twice the butter and then baking, you've already denatured the proteins in the flour beyond their capacity to bond together in a rebaked batch. Also unfortunately, I've done this myself, too. Some things really do need to be chalked up to learning experiences.
nutcakes August 27, 2011
I'm going to see how it goes. I'd chill it first, so the butter doesn't just melt out at the get go (what I'm expecting) but ran out of time. This doesn't have liquid bp/bs. oh well, I wasted a good butter maybe and will have to use regular for the next batch.
lbgirl August 27, 2011
Just last week, I ended up throwing out a batch of cookies because I mixed all of the sugar into the dough when I was supposed to have kept half of it out to roll the cookies in. Unfortunately, baking is a fairly delicate balance among ingredients (although I think people go overboard with the idea of precise measurement these days - our grandmothers used cups and spoons of varying sizes), so it is much harder to fix mistakes than it is with cooking. If you add more flour to what you have, it will also throw off the balance with regard to sugar, baking powder/baking soda, and possibly liquid, if your shortbread included any. It seems wasteful to throw things out and start over, but once in a while it is necessary (especially if you have already started baking what you had and can't just double everything else).
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