Too many peaches! What to do?

We have half a bushel of peaches to get rid of, and can't eat that many pies. Does anyone have any ideas for preserving that do not involve canning? We'll slice and freeze some, but we still have some of those left over from last year (shameful, I know).

  • Posted by: Cath25
  • August 28, 2011


Angie July 22, 2017
Make a mixture of diced ripe peaches, finely minced red onion, cilantro, balsamic vinegar, and a bit of olive oil. Use about 1/4 of it to marinate a couple of pork tenderloins in a bag, and set the rest of it aside in the fridge. After a day-ish of marinating, sear those babies all the way around and then finish in the oven until your meat thermometer says they're done. Serve with the extra peach salsa.
BerryBaby July 21, 2017
Heading to the farmers market this weekend. The fresh fruit and vegetables are abundant this year! I can't wait to bite into a juicy peach!
SKK August 29, 2011
If you like peach pie, peel, slice and mix peaches with whatever seasonings and thickeners you want. Put saran wrap in pie plate, pour prepared peaches in the pie plate. Freeze the peaches in the pie plate, and when frozen wrap them in zip lock freezer bags and stack in freezer. When you are ready to bake a pie, make your dough, put the frozen peaches in and bake.
Sam1148 August 29, 2011
Go to a discount store and get some of those big plastic jars---the wide mouth kind that hold a couple of gallons. Great for storing flour, sugar, or rice after your done with the brandy project.
Cath25 August 29, 2011
Wow, thanks for all the great ideas everyone. I think the idea of peach brandy and peach pit vodka is great--we'll have at it this weekend!
vvvanessa August 28, 2011
agreed that peach fruit leather will use up a ton of fruit. it's fairly easy to make, and you can make different batches with different flavors like vanilla, star anise, cinnamon, or herbs (thyme, tarragon, and basil come to mind first). i made plum fruit leather recently and went through more plums than i thought i would.

i've yet to learn to can, so i'm big into freezer jam. i put it in small containers (4-ounce) so i can use it up quickly and can pull out a new, "fresh" jar whenever i want.
Greenstuff August 28, 2011
I was thinking peach chutney too. Along with jam, of course. And while you're contemplating Sam1148's vodka and brandy, think about the pits! From Madeleine Kamman's wonderful book, Savoie. Add the pits to vodka. A little peach flesh only makes it better, and if you have some apricots, toss those pits in too. (Only up to 1/3 apricot.) Let steep for a month, then remove the pits and add sugar to taste. (She says 1/4 cup sugar to a bottle of vodka but doesn't say how big the bottle should be.) Stir to dissolve the sugar, then filter through a coffee filter. You can drink it right away, but it will mellow with time. It's memorably delicious.
Sam1148 August 28, 2011
Oh yeah...peach chutney is great. My Aunt used to make it and used hot peppers and a touch of curry powder.
Nan July 21, 2017
Can you share your Aunt's recipe
Nancy July 21, 2017
While waiting for Sam's aunt's recipe, I can give you one. I've used a Mango Chutney for years, just replacing the mangos with peaches. Best is the Major Grey pattern, and it includes both hot pepper and spices that you would find in a curry. So if you want to use curry powder figure the total of dried spices and use that. My recipe is no longer available, but here's one to start you.
skittle August 28, 2011
Oh...make a chutney. You can put it on everything from fish to pancakes!
If you want it to be more savory, put a bit of rosemary in it...sweet, add some sugar and a touch of lemon juice!
Esther P. August 28, 2011
I haven't ever made any myself, but fruit leather comes to mind, I believe it's fairly straightforward, and because the fruit is so concentrated, it'll get through a fair amount of your peaches in one fell swoop! Oh for a half bushel of peaches! It's feeling positively autumnal here in England!
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Hi Cath, there is a great source of information for preserving food from CU Extension here in Boulder. ( We are going to have a canning/preserving demo at our Pearl Street Whole Foods Market the week after Labor Day; come if you are local (details will be on our Events tab: Also I just made a peach and hatch chile salsa that I will be posting tomorrow.
Sam1148 August 28, 2011
Make some bottles of infused vodka, or brandy. Those would make great gifts this holiday season. You could buy some nice bottles at a craft store and make your own labels.
They should be ready to strain and bottle about December.
gulenay August 28, 2011
peach salad
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