Can I make basil pesto and freeze it? Has anyone tried oregano or thyme pesto---or is it too cumbersome and strong?



Helen's A. August 29, 2011
I agree, add the nuts & cheese later. You can dedicate an ice cube tray to pesto making. Once frozen, pop out the cubes & pack in freezer zip top bags. Place back in the freezer. Kayln's Kitchen recently posted a recipe using pecan & sage which was fantastic.
ChefJune August 29, 2011
when I freeze pesto, I actually freeze just the basil, garlic and olive oil puree. When I thaw it out, I add the pine nuts (if I'm using them) and the cheese.

Oregano or thyme alone would make an overly strong pesto, but you might try mixing a small amount of either with parsley and see how that is.

Parsley and walnut pesto is really tasty.
beyondcelery August 29, 2011
You can totally freeze your basil pesto. I find it works best if I don't add the cheese, so it'll thaw out easily later in the microwave. You can just add the cheese as you cook with the pesto and you'll never know the difference. Use a tad more olive oil than you would normally and drizzle a thin layer over the top of the pesto. Then put plastic wrap directly onto the oil/pesto and freeze it all in an airtight container. It'll retain its bright green color and resist freezer burn for a good 3 months.

I haven't tried straight oregano or thyme pesto. Seems like those would be rather strong used all by themselves, but I bet they'd be good added in small quantities.
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