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Made this and loved it with the peaches. What other fruits do you think would work well with this recipe? All stone fruits - as long as they're really ripe??

Peach Tart
Recipe question for: Peach Tart


rapearson September 19, 2011
I'm about to try it with fresh strawberries.
drbabs September 19, 2011
I used thinly sliced pears and it was fabulous.
PeterBeynon September 19, 2011
I think, now that peach season is over, I will try it with apples. I did bake one with peaches this weekend, but even after adding extra flour to the filling, it was too soggy. Next summer I will try the peaches again, but I will double the amount of flour in the filling. (Incidentally, I prebaked the tart pastry, using the wonderful browned butter recipe from David Lebovitz.) When I baked the crust for the peach tart, I had enough pastry left over to make a single-serving tart. After the crust had baked and cooled, I filled with a variation of a chocolate pot de creme recipe from Craig Claiborne. It was awesome.)
Amanda H. August 31, 2011
Yes, any stone fruits should work. I'd try blueberries as well.
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