Weird question about anchovies & peanut butter.

I love anchovies. Lately when I've been eating them I've been detecting a flavor that is uncannily reminiscent of peanut butter. Any ideas why that might be?



amysarah September 1, 2011
linzarella, I don't know if PB itself has umami, but I do know it goes well with umami flavors - like soy/fish sauce with peanuts in Asian dishes.

(Maybe this is just your body telling you it's craving Thai food. I kid.)
linzarella September 1, 2011
Ok, I just checked, and the brand is actually Bellini. But anyway, I think amysarah is on to something with the strong umami flavors thing. Maybe that's what I'm tasting and just translating it as peanut butter.
amysarah September 1, 2011
Are these PB-flavored anchovies all from the same jar (i.e., not just same brand)?

If so, try one from another can/jar and see if it still happens...I have no idea why one particular jar would have this trans-flavor thing, but at least then you'd know if it was just some freak thing or you were doomed to a life of anchovy confusion.

Btw, the affinity between anchovy and pb doesn't surprise me - anchovies, soy sauce and fish sauce are all strong umami flavors - and classic components of Asian peanut sauces. (So go ahead and have that PB&A sandwich ;)
Summer O. September 1, 2011
My tin of King Oscars is open. I've had 3 and I am not getting any peanut butter aroma or taste. But I do love anchovies, thank you for the suggestion!
linzarella September 1, 2011
When I tried to google an answer, the pb&anchovy sandwich was all that I found. Apparently these flavors do have an affinity...
creamtea September 1, 2011
When I first started to read this, I thought you were going to say something about a peanut-butter and anchovy sandwich....

Don't be afraid to try new things, my mother used to say. : P
linzarella September 1, 2011
Thanks! I can't wait to hear the results. I'm pretty sure they were either Ortiz or Crown Prince, oil-packed and in a jar, not a can.
Summer O. September 1, 2011
Is it a certain brand? If so, which brand? I am willing to go home and crack a can of them in the name of research this evening and let you know if I taste it too.
linzarella September 1, 2011
Ha! I hope not.
drbabs September 1, 2011
Are you pregnant? I ask this because pregnancy hormones can affect your sense of smell and taste.
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