i'm on a Gluten free diet, what can I use in place of regular flour; If I used white rice flour would it work?

  • Posted by: Fay
  • September 4, 2011
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Merrill S. September 4, 2011
Sorry, I'm not sure what rice flour would do here, as I've only made these using the mixture of white flour and ground almonds. You could try using 100% almond flour, but I do think the texture will be different -- probably a bit denser.
EGACA September 4, 2011
Can you use Almond flour? King Arthur has a good almond flour. If your food store doesn't carry King Arthur, you can buy it on line from their website.....King Arthur Flour company. I love the taste, to.
ATG117 September 4, 2011
Thomas Keller just came out with a new gluten free flour that apparently substitutes almost perfectly for white flour. Downside, it's pricey. You can find it at William Sonoma or Bouchon (if you live in NYC).

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