a friend gave me some very old glass freezer jars with zinc lids. any concerns about using the zinc lids? also, are freezer jars ONLY to be used in th

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Eugenia B. September 18, 2011
Zinc lids are not recommended for canning. The zinc lids are fine to use for freezing or storing, although if they aren't in very good working order, they may stick once frozen. Freezer jars are manufactured to use in the freezer. Indeed, you can buy canning/freezing jars from Ball or Kerr. The commenters above are correct about leaving headroom for expansion during freezing.
Everyone has given you great advice especially about allowing headspace for the expansion of the frozen produce. Canning jars can be used in the freezer but jars are made of glass so that if you drop them or they get knocked around in the freezer or the cupboard they can break.
susan G. September 5, 2011
If the lids are standard size, you can find new lids and rings at supermarkets, hardware stores, etc. Around here they are only in the stores during growing/harvest/putting up season, so you might take care of this soon!
boulangere September 5, 2011
I don't see why you couldn't either. Don't fill them more than about 2/3 full. Gorgeous jars, lucky you!
SKK September 5, 2011
The freezer jars are wonderful - go ahead and use them. I freeze broths in my canning jars all the time and have no problem with them - just don't fill them to the top and allow for expansion. Don't think I would use the zinc rings. You may have a collectible here - check out this site http://www.pickyourown.org/canningjars.htm
davidpdx September 5, 2011
Call me conservative, but I'd be wary of using any sealed glass container for freezing, where the expansion of liquid upon freezing puts great pressure on the container. My analogy may be scientifically flawed, but consider how easily a frozen water pipe bursts in the winter.
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