Was listening 2 harold mcgee on npr's freshair ystrdy. He said he makes polenta in microwave, among other things. Anyone ever try this? Sounds very interesting. I use microwave a lot.



anyone October 22, 2010
Yes, this was actually in my moms microwave cookbook back in 70's when we got our first microwave and she somehow ended up painting the inside with polenta. Don't ask me how, it was all so new and mysterious back then.
sfmiller October 22, 2010
I've done it, and it works very well. I prefer to start with hot water and whisk the polenta and salt in as you would cooking it on the stovetop, then putting it in the microwave on high, covered and stirring it every 3 minutes or so after that. If you go 8 minutes before the first stir, like the Shulman method, you're likely to get lumps, in my experience. Done in 12 mins or so, depending on the grind of the polenta and the power of your microwave.

I don't think the texture is quite as nice as stovetop or oven-baked polenta, but it's pretty darn good, superfast, and cleanup is much easier than pan-cooked.
allie October 22, 2010
also, check out martha rose shulman in nyt on making polenta in oven and microwave.


Have never done it, but sounds worth a try.
pierino October 22, 2010
I've never done that, but McGee is a total braniac in the world of food science, so...
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