we're making a fish stew. it calls for canned clams. we have fresh in shell. can we just throw them in, shell and all?

the recipe calls for the base of the stew (veggies and tomato base) to cook for 5 hrs in a slow cooker, then add all the fish/shellfish 30 min before. can we just throw the fresh clams, in the shell, in with the rest of it? or do we need to steam them first? thanks!



sarahgee June 16, 2012
thanks, all!
pierino June 16, 2012
Myself, I would put the fresh clams in for the last five minutes of cooking time and then cover everything back up. Clams should be signing opera to you really quick. As bigpan said, toss out any that don't open. But fresh clams will be way superior to canned ones.
inpatskitchen June 16, 2012
I'm assuming you're throwing the seafood in the slow cooker, right? I think you'll be ok with that but I'll be honest...I would transfer the stew to a Dutch oven or soup pot and on the range add the fish and shellfish in and simmer for about 5 minutes or so before serving. The slow cooker might over cook the shellfish. Just make sure the clams are well cleaned.
bigpan June 16, 2012
Absolutely! When they open they are ready to eat. If any do not open pick them out and toss.
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