Make ahead meals... Meatloaf

I was planning on making meatloaf this week. Then I saw a recipe for Chorizo Mini Meatloaf ( I like the idea of the mini meatloaf. Here is the thing- I want to fix the meatloaf ahead of time and leave it in the refrigerator until my husband gets home and then he can pop it in the oven. Sounds like a plan but is it okay to store uncooked meat with the eggs and all in the fridge all day? I am sure the answer is yes and I am being way over cautious but... better safe than sorry!

Lucia from Madison


SKK September 24, 2011
I use Julia Child's recipe from The Way to Cook. Julia says: "May be prepared in advance; cover and refrigerate or freeze. If you freeze, it is best frozen raw, defrost overnight or longer in fridge before baking." I froze mini meatloafs for my Dad and it worked out very well. Followed Julia and baked at 350F until meat thermometer reads 155F.
Lucia F. September 24, 2011
Thanks this has been helpful!
wssmom September 24, 2011
Thanks, pierino! Being the food-safety coward that I am, I tend to err on the cautious side; good to know that 145 degrees is OK!
pierino September 24, 2011
I agree with wssmom too, but I'm a little concerned about the 165F part. I think you might be risking a very dry meatloaf there. Myself, thrillseeker that I am, I would take it out at about 145F. When cooking large cuts of meat I usually take those out at 120F to 130F knowing that they are going to get a heat boost as they rest.
drbabs September 24, 2011
I agree with wssmom.
wssmom September 24, 2011
Meatloaf mix can be safely refrigerated for up to 24 hours; many recipes call for the meatloaf to be refrigerated for several hours to let the flavors meld. Just cover the meatloaf tightly with plastic wrap and when you bake it, make sure the internal temperature hits 165 degrees F. To be safe I would put the meat loaf directly in the pre-heated oven from the refrigerator and not let it come to room temperature.
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