I would like to try this frosting on cupcakes which will have to travel 2 hours to reach a bake sale. So is this frosting a good choice? Thanks....

... Gelti

  • Posted by: geltie
  • September 30, 2011


sdebrango September 30, 2011
I have a cupcake carrier and when I am transporting cupcakes I put 2 frozen gel paks in the bottom. It works like a charm not sure if it would last on a long trip but 2 hours I think would be good.
boulangere September 30, 2011
I wish I could give you an informed answer, geltie, but I haven't made it yet. That's on tomorrow's agenda. But just reading the ingredients and preparation, I would guess not. I'd be concerned that it would get too soft and possibly run, unless, of course you transported them in a cooler. Good luck with your bake sale!
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