coconut palm sugar

Has anyone used coconut palm sugar as a replacement for agave in a cookie recipe?
What is the ratio for substitution? 1:1
Also, do you use the sugar as is, or mix with water?

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boulangere October 7, 2011
And this site suggests that you use it just as you would granulated sugar (sucrose):
boulangere October 7, 2011
And here is some general info on palm sugar:
boulangere October 7, 2011
This site has some good information about where agave sits on the glycemic index as opposed to granulated and other sugars. It also has some good info on substituting agave for other sweeteners:
Lexmccall October 7, 2011
agave is sweeter than granulated sugar (including palm sugar). Going from the reverse of the guidelines I've gotten from an agave syrup manufacturer, I'd put in 50% more palm sugar than the amount of agave that's called for. Though you'll have to adjust the liquids in the recipes, too--take out about 1/4 cup for every cup of sugar.
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