Can I use regular "long cook" polenta in a cake recipe that asks for instant polenta? What is the Impact on end result if I do?



Earth M. October 8, 2011
Sounds great - thank you!
boulangere October 8, 2011
I'll find my recipe and get it posted this weekend.
boulangere October 8, 2011
Honestly, I would use it as is. The texture will have a lovely, rustic crunch to it. Serve it with some soft whipped cream or crème fraîche and some tender fruit, and you've got a lovely dessert.
Earth M. October 8, 2011
AJ - What if I could mill it to a finer granule?
Boul - sounds promising
Thanks - keep info coming!
boulangere October 8, 2011
AJ, I make a polenta cake using the long-cook variety all the time. I garnish slices with crème fraîche and seasonal fruits, and it has a rustic quality I really love.
AntoniaJames October 8, 2011
I would not. The instant kind is much finer. In a cake, you'll notice the coarse, heavy texture of the regular polenta. I'd be afraid of it weighing down the crumb, making it dense and preventing the cake from rising properly. ;o)
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