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Recipe search still tends to turn up No Matches. I'm trying to use it because loading My Recipes is taking almost a minute and a half, and that's just to get to the first page. Each turn of the page takes the same amount of time. I'm trying to be patient, but this is a bit frustrating.



Peter October 13, 2011
Just wanted to let people know -- recipe search is now behaving more the way you might expect. No need to remove "top recipes" any more. :-)
boulangere October 12, 2011
Ok, your answer makes perfect sense. Yes, that makes life much, much simpler for the moment. Thank you very much.
Peter October 12, 2011
Boulangere, indeed, this is a problem and indeed we're working on it but i think I found a short-term solution for you. First, I tried a search on "Belle Foley's Chocolate Cake" as you suggested. I too got no results. Poo.

But... I noticed that on the left side of the page it's showing a search was done on TWO things": "Belle Foley's Chocolate Cake" AND "Top Recipes". This means it's looking for a recipe that's BOTH these things. (whether Belle's cake deserves to be a "top recipe" -- that's a whole different discussion). Anyway, I clicked the little circled "x" top the right of the phrase "Top Recipes" and voila! Now it's ONLY searching on "Belle Foley's Chocolate Cake" and I got only 2 results -- the cake and the frosting.

So, does this approach solve your problem for now?
Kristen M. October 12, 2011
Hi boulangere,

Currently (until we get Recipe Search sorting working properly), "Top Recipes" is selected as a default filter -- all you have to do is hit the "X" to clear that filter on the left side of the page (and do play around with the other filters! There are so many more ways to narrow down your recipe searches now).

Thanks so much for your patience -- be assured that our tech and editorial teams are both working tirelessly to smooth everything out. Kinks are inevitable in moving so much content to a new home, but we all know how frustrating it can be when you can't find something -- it's all still there, just tucked away temporarily, in some cases. Thank you for helping us by reporting issues here.

boulangere October 12, 2011
Sorry, Kristen, but going to Top Recipes, clearing the field, and entering Belle Foley's Chocolate Cake still produces no matches. I tried with several of my recipes - figuring I'd at least try with ones I know for sure - and got no matches.
Kristy M. October 12, 2011
Day 2 of the relaunch -- there are a lot of kinks to work out but it's all being addressed! The site will not be slow and buggy forever!
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