Where is the notifications button in the user settings? I don't see it. I haven't received any notifications since the redesign went live.

I'm using Chrome from a PC. Thank you. ;o)



lapadia October 12, 2011
@mrslarkin, Yesterday I sent a message to myself for a tester and received it, however...all the other notifications were going to spam...all fixed now, just thought I would throw that in. :) PS - you aren't a dodo!
mrslarkin October 12, 2011
i did the same thing!!! great minds think alike ;)
Peter October 12, 2011
1) Correct, there's an opt-out box. Leaving it alone is the same as opting in. 2) We'll go in search of the missing emails! 3) I'd love to see a screenshot of crammed together pies -- do you think you could take one and attach it to a reply here? 4) It would also help to know what browser you're on and whether you're using mac or windows.
AntoniaJames October 12, 2011
Peter, I have not received a single one, not even in my junk mail folder. Also, the only box relating to comments that I see after posting one to a recipe (or to the Hotine, or anywhere else, for that matter) is an opt-out box, with no opt-in box. I do however see the most bizarre graphic, of what looks like seven or eight purple pies, all crammed together, some on top of one another. I suspect that's another bug. Thank you. ;o) P.S. And yes, prior to the launch I received many notifications on a regular basis.
Peter October 12, 2011
Antonia, with the new site, global settings of notifications are thing of the past. With each recipe comment, with each blog comment, and with each hotline answer you post, you can choose whether or not to get follow-up comments for that conversation emailed to you. For example, when you post a comment to a recipe, you'll see a checkbox that reads "Please don't email me responses to my comment -- I'll check the site periodically."

And for each conversation you do opt into, there's a "no need to send me more" link in each email for that conversation so you can cut off those emails at any time.

All that said, it sounds like we're having some difficulties getting the email out the door. Am I correct that you previously received a lot of blog and recipe comments in email and since the redesign you've received absolutely none? Or has it been sporadic?
lapadia October 12, 2011
Hi AJ, I am using Chrome/PC, I also use gmail for my F52 notifications; I thought I wasn't receiving any notifications - yesterday, until I scrolled down and noticed they were all going to the SPAM box. I placed a check mark in all the spam-notifications and clicked on NOT SPAM and everything is going to my INBOX ever since. If you don't use gmail, perhaps there could be something similar happening with yours :) ?
mrslarkin October 12, 2011
i am such a dodo. i just checked my spam folder and there they all are! thanks lapadia!
mrslarkin October 12, 2011
the weird thing, though, is that I got all my own foodpickle responses sent to me as well.
Peter October 12, 2011
Yeah, we know foodpickle responses are going to the person who wrote them. Annoying, isn't it? ;-)
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