a complement for such a great design

I have been wondering how to get back to the "front page" so to speak then, duh, I clicked on the food52 banner and it took me right to the front page. That is awesome.



boulangere October 12, 2011
I'm neither a facebooker nor an ituner, so if that is their bent, I'm afraid I've been left behind.
Burnt O. October 12, 2011
I think we have an enormous amount of input into the website as users, and that Food52 has been equally responsive in taking our comments and requests into consideration. That's what makes it such a great community. You sure don't get to have these kind of conversations with the folk at Facebook or iTunes! That said, they have a business to run and like parents, need to make the overall decisions that guide the future development and growth of their business in an ever changing and increasingly competitive marketplace for web start ups. The fact that they continue to grow, expand, add features, and draw in a larger and larger audience speaks well to their leadership in an arena where most of these ventures fail in under two years. They've made a name for themselves, have generated well earned "buzz", and I'm happily drinking their Kool Aid.
beyondcelery October 12, 2011
Besides, it's rosemary watermelon kool aid!
boulangere October 12, 2011
I'm not sure I agree. I've been involved in beta testing in the past, albeit in a financial realm, but the point was to work out bugs sooner rather than later and to invite buy-in rather than chaos and the angst of change into unfamiliar realms. I am guessing that the readership today is significantly larger than that of two years ago, such that the familiarity with the former food52 was also significantly greater. Therefore, the potential for greater disorientation by the sudden new FOOD52 may have been also significantly greater.
boulangere October 12, 2011
Since there is not yet an edit function here, the moral of the story is that bypassing beta testing may not have been the greatest idea given FOOD52's expanded readership relative to that of the first go-round.
Amanda H. October 12, 2011
boulangere, we've been testing the site for weeks -- and there are a number of features and improvements that we haven't released yet. Our approach has always been to depend on our community to help us test things, give us feedback, and be patient. This has always worked out well because we learn things from each other and everyone is involved, and then when the site/feature/product improves, everyone is happier because they've been part of the process. These bugs and speed issues cannot and will not be fixed in days. It's going to take us several weeks to work out some of the issues, and we hope you'll enjoy the process as much as we do -- because the goal is to create a better site for everyone.
Burnt O. October 12, 2011
I too, think the new features, layout and content FAR outweigh the bugs. I thought it was exceptionally well handled for a "soft launch", and an afternoon of sluggish response and a few bugs is nothing compared to the final product. Also, I'm not a developer, but I'm guessing this new template is much easier to manipulate and add features to, since I got a sneak preview of the way you all were building it over the last few weeks. ;-) And you thought those Twitter ipsum lorem test posts weren't public. Tee hee.

PS I still reach for my tongs in the old tong/ new hand towel drawer and I reorganized my kitchen drawers six months ago.
SKK October 12, 2011
I am loving this agree thing! And am a big fan of ipsum lorem.
susan G. October 12, 2011
Wasn't this the previous situation to find Home? Only recently did I find the little 'home' icon. Was it there all along?
I'm sorry to see the old logo go -- it was really unique and said who you are.
Peter October 12, 2011
Syronai, you're now officially my new favorite Food52 user. :-)
beyondcelery October 12, 2011
I'd just like to weigh in that I love the new look. Sure, there are bugs. But it's like a reorganized kitchen and now I see and use all the cool stuff I always had, but never remembered to use before! Great job, all you hard-working web developer people.
SKK October 12, 2011
Great analogy, Syronai!
thirschfeld October 12, 2011
Peter I wasn't trying to be a smart ass and sorry if that came across that way. I really like that you click on the food52 banner and it takes you to food52, it is smart.
Peter October 12, 2011
No worries at all -- not smart-ass-y in the slightest. :-) Indeed, clicking the logo takes you to the home page. This is actually true of most websites. In our case, we should at least consider some sort of "rollover" state so it's apparent when your mouse strays over the logo and really, we should have an obvious link. :-)
frannyshan October 12, 2011
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Peter October 12, 2011
Thirschfeld, indeed -- we need a "Home" link up top there just to the left of the word "Recipes". I'll add it to the list!
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