Will fruit or veggie pickles made with Samuelsson's "Swedish 1 -2-3" vinegar be shelf stable if canned?

It's made with one cup white wine vinegar, 2 cups sugar and 3 cups water, plus aromatics and spices. Thank you. ;o)



SKK October 12, 2011
Hi AJ, can I ask what your thinking is behind asking the question? If the acidity of white wine vinegar is accurate the addition of sugar and water should make 0 difference. I would say this recipe would be shelf stable but since you asked the question and now second guessing myself.
thirschfeld October 12, 2011
Antonio, it really depends on the acidity of the fruit or vegetable you are canning as well. I have not seen his recipes, unfortunately, but it seems there is a movement in the chef world to create quick pickles so to speak. They are meant to store in the fridge and eaten quickly. With the ratio you are showing above it seems like they should be shelf stable but then I have to ask what you are canning in order to know if the product will hold up to the heat of a hot water bath with out just turning mushy.
Darlene C. October 12, 2011
I think that most recipes (Ball's Complete book of Home Preserving, and The National Center for Home Food Preservation) call for a vinegar that has a 5% acidity, if you are planning to make pickle shelf stable.

Just to be safe, I would actually use Samuelsson's 1-2-3 vinegar (with unknown acidity) in a refrigerator pickle. They may not keep for as long, but you know it's safe!
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