Furture feature...Custom cookbooks?

What would you think of a custom cookbook feature? Using recipes you've chosen.

Users could choose to pay for custom books, which would be printed and bound in hard copy by food52.
The community could create their own books for their choices; like gluten free, veggie, holidays, or any theme they wish.

While I know the 52 IT staff has a lot on their plate now, it's a bluesky idea but I think it would fit the site as a 'crowdsourcing' community of homecooks.

  • Posted by: Sam1148
  • October 12, 2011


SKK October 13, 2011
Sam1148 - I like your thinking! Great idea!

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Sam1148 October 13, 2011
Technical formatting issue would be a pain to pull off. But, it would very unique for web based sites.

People could submit their own selections of recipes..and others could browse them and order hard copy, or make their own.

Submitters with a popular collection could get 'points' to use to cash in for DLs in exchange for gifts, or site merchandise.

I found that 'my saved recipes' are starting to become a touchstone to refer too again and again. Having that in hard copy format for giving as gifts, or just having it in your hands would be great.

And I'd definitely give a 'book' culled for special needs such as gluten free, or vegan, to friends; as the food52 recipes, directions, and photos are the best on the web; IMHO.
susan G. October 13, 2011
If you could create a book of my saved recipes, with a really good index, it would be awfully compelling.
sdebrango October 12, 2011
I think its a great idea Sam!
Merrill S. October 12, 2011
Great idea! We've batted this around before and may have to revisit.
Sam1148 October 13, 2011
I'm sure if you mentioned that to you tech staff..having to launch the re-design..Ipad App..etc. They'd probably say "WTF, NOW?".

Just something to consider for future development, so the DB of recipes don't get mired down in formatting that would make this idea more difficult after things settle down for all the stuff on your plate for the site at this time.
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