Is it possible to see the most recently added recipes? I cannot figure out how to see any recent recipes without adding a search term.

A tutorial on how to use the recipe search would be so helpful. My trial and error efforts have borne little fruit. ;o)



AntoniaJames October 14, 2011
Thanks HLA. I had tried that, but was thrown by seeing at the top of the search results (and above the fold) over and over the lemony cheese blintzes, Martha's macaroni, and three other "Top" recipe posted five to seven days ago. ;o)
Droplet October 14, 2011
AJ, I hope you don't mind me hijacking your thread. I just thought it would be a good place to post a few "recipe" related points, since it is somewhat chaotic around here still and it's hard to figure out what the best place is to comment without bragging.
On the profile page under the "Recipes I've saved" tab the photos for each recipe seem quite small and disproportionate to the space alotted for each and to the surrounding font. It feels to me that it would be much better if they were about the size of the photos listed in a vertical column to the right side of the screen inder different categories. Also, right underneath the title of each recipe ( still on that same page) it says "saved by (name of person who saved it )" which is sort of pointless because if it is in my folder then surely it was saved by me. Before there was the name of the person to whom the recipe belonged, as well as the number of comments submitted, which gave a glimpse of the discussion surrounding each recipe. An option to remove a saved recipe from the list also seems to be missing.
Aside from that, I love the two tone headings of the recipe categories in bold and regular font, as well as the little measuring cup in a circle. Just a few observations of mine....
Peter October 14, 2011
HardLikeArmour is correct -- just click "newest recipes" in the left column of the main recipes page and there you go. For the moment, the very first few are Food52-created recipes but that's temporary and user recipes follow right on the heels of that.
hardlikearmour October 14, 2011
If you click on "newest recipes" it should bring up the most recently added recipes. The first few are the most recent Amanda, Merrill, and genius recipes, but after that it's the community added recipes starting with the most recent.
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