Gentle questions about the new makeover!

Can't seem to save a recipe....and loading recipes is taking a very long time. Also, I wish one could search for a recipe on the home page! I can only imagine that you are aware of the bugs and are working on them.



Greenstuff October 15, 2011
Nice answer AntoniaJames, but my home page doesn't have a search bar at the moment. It does have a link to being in a food "pickle." Yep. Growing pains are painful.
AntoniaJames October 14, 2011
Thirdchild, you can search for a recipe on the home page. On the top right corner is a search bar. If you want to search for a recipe, just fill it in and hit the magnifying glass. If you want to search the Hotline, type in your search term and then click on the down arrow to the right, and the other site areas will appear. Then click on :"Hotline." If you have problems, let us know. Some search results only included "top recipes" yesterday. If that happens, on the search results page, simply click on the X next to "Top Recipes" in the box on the left, under the search box about 1/3 of the way down the page. Good luck!! ;o)
Sam1148 October 14, 2011
A huge wave of traffic is good thing.

I'm glad to see the site become more popular. But with popularity comes risks..trolls, spam, and snark.
So, don't over look the moderation element for the 'forum/hotline'.
Amanda H. October 14, 2011
Great point -- thanks Sam!
Amanda H. October 14, 2011
Yes, we were hit by a huge wave of traffic today and had to temporarily disable some functionality. These features -- and site speed -- should be fixed by the end of the weekend. Apologies for the delay, and thanks so much for your kindness and patience!
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