What can I do with celery leaves?

Have a bunch of beautiful celery leaves from my market haul this morning. Chopped the stalks for mirepoix but not sure what to do with the leaves. Ideas.

  • Posted by: Rivka
  • October 16, 2011


petitbleu June 25, 2013
Make homemade celery salt. Dry the leaves in a slow oven and mix with kosher salt to taste. It's pretty yummy.
Rebecca V. June 24, 2013
i made simple syrup with some of mine and am using the rest on banh mi (i don't do cilantro). was thinking of posting this question myself, thanks for asking it! :)
Lynd0r October 17, 2011
101Cookboks had a recipe (well, instructions, really) for celery salt recently. I think it's just a matter of chopping the dry leaves (as in, don't wash them immediately beforehand) and mixing them with some flaky salt in a jar and storing for a little while for the flavour to permeate the salt.
Sasha (. October 16, 2011
I actually like them shredded in chicken salad and in a regular salad, instead of the crunchy stalk.. just for a change of pace.

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vvvanessa October 16, 2011
put a handful of leaves to simmer with equal parts sugar and water to make a celery simple syrup (say 1/2 cup of leaves to 1 cup sugar and 1 cup water). take roughly equal parts of cooled syrup and fresh lime juice and add to sparkling water and ice to make a celery soda (about an ounce of syrup, an ounce of juice, and 8 ounces of sparkling water).

make celery salt: oven-dry the leaves then grind with salt in a grinder or with a mortar and pestle.
Rebecca V. June 24, 2013
in fact, i was just wondering myself what to do with a huge amount of beautiful celery leaves from the farmer's market... and i made simple syrup with some of them before i saw this! so glad to have the suggestion for something specific to do with it! thanks
Bevi June 25, 2013
I agree with VVV. Celery simple syrup has a refreshing taste and great to use in cocktails with gin and vodka.
Greenstuff October 16, 2011
Totally great answer from mrslarkin. Celery is also good, really good, in a Bloody Mary. Speaking of that, next time you get a whole lot of celery, you could leave some stalks attached to their leaves and use them for swizzle sticks.
mrslarkin October 16, 2011
I just stuffed a bunch into the cavity of my roast chicken.

Definitely great for stock, too.

you could also muddle some celery, celery leaves and 1 tsp turbinado. add gin and lime wedge. of course, I've never actually done this, but in my head, it sounds good! i should probably go see if this tastes good before i start doling out suggestions. brb.
usingSpoons October 16, 2011
I often use celery leaves along with the stalks in the base of stews or for flavouring stock.
If I'm using it to flavour stock, I'm happy to freeze it, along with leftover parsley stalks.
drbabs October 16, 2011
Hi Rivka. I like to use celery leaves as a fresh herb. I chop them up into gumbo or other soups in place of parsley. I bet they'd be an interesting substitute for the mint in the yogurt sauce for your mujaddara.
Greenstuff October 16, 2011
Just use them anywhere you might be using parsley but like the flavor of celery. I grow the herb lovage, which is very much like celery leaves and really like it in salads.
Kitchen B. October 16, 2011
Salads, depending on the age of the leaves. In stocks. Can be frozen too. If you like steamed greens, incorporate them into some creamy mash
susan G. October 16, 2011
They can be dried. I'll leave the cooking for others...
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