okay...so now that I know not to leave the pasa dough in the fridge for any length of time and to use semolina flour...does anyone have a good recipe that doesn't call for 10 egg yolks?



innoabrd October 31, 2010
Once watched a little old Italian lady make a whole batch using only one egg. The trick I find is to SLOWLY bring the flour into the eggs in the well. Rush it and it just turns into a lumpy mess.
Mr_Vittles October 29, 2010
*"four" should be "flour"*
Mr_Vittles October 29, 2010
If you want to use 10 eggs go with a one to one ration of four to eggs. I agree with Pierino, semolina is not necessary. If you want to dry it out, then semolina is pretty useful, but if you want to use it fresh, then just AP or 00 will do just fine.
Verdigris October 29, 2010
I do much the same as pierino. I will either roll and cut by hand or I will use my pasta roller/cutters to cut it. If I have too much dough, I will go ahead and cut it up and then freeze it for cooking another time.
pierino October 29, 2010
You absolutely DO NOT need to use semolina. All purpose flour or Italian stye 00 is much better. The ratio I use is two cups flour to two eggs, leaving a little extra bench flour for your hands etc while working the dough. You are making this by hand, right? Make a well with the flour. Using a fork, slowly work the eggs into it. Don't do an Emeril and break the well.
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