Banana bread, slightly burn crust.

One of my favorite no fail recipes, makes 2 loaves. I made one in my regular pan, and the other in. My new, wider, pan. The new one took a bit longer to cook, and in that time the "crust" got a bit burnt. I really couldn't have taken. It out any sooner as the center wasn't finished. Any suggestions?



toocourt March 17, 2012
You can always try putting foil over it when you notice it turning brown but I agree that the biggest issue is the variation in size of the two pans.
Author Comment
Hving identical pans will make a big difference to get two identical loaves. If the dimensions are different (one wide and shorter, one taller and more narrow) the cooking times will be different. Unless you wanted to bake them separately and at two different temps, use two identical pans.
Christine March 16, 2012
I know that when I bake, Pyrex pans tend to brown the crust of breads a little more quickly than non-stick metal and ceramic. Was the new pan made of a different material or is it only a size difference? If it's only a size difference, lowering the oven temperature a little might help prevent the crust from overcooking, but it seems like a pain to have to cook the two loaves separately!
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