A question about a recipe: DARK, CREAMY, RICH, CHOCOLATE FUDGE

I have a question about the recipe "DARK, CREAMY, RICH, CHOCOLATE FUDGE" from dymnyno.

  • Posted by: dymnyno
  • October 19, 2011


hardlikearmour October 19, 2011
It's definitely worth re-entering. AJs Haricot Vert salad was a previous EP and chosen as finalist. I think ArielleClementines gravy was a prior EP and chosen as finalist. Like sdebrango said my cream puffs were entered a second time and chosen.
dymnyno October 19, 2011
Thanks! Now if I can just figure out how to submit!
drbabs October 19, 2011
The sausage and kale dinner tart http://www.food52.com/recipes/10249_sausage_and_kale_dinner_tart
was submitted as a winter tart 7 months ago and won your best dirt cheap dinner 4 months ago. Also, I've been thinking about this, and now that the submitted recipes are so much easier to see in each category, i think it's important to submit everything so that people searching for specific recipes can have a variety to choose from even if the recipes aren't chosen as finalists or editors' picks. It gives much more variety to the site. And just because A&M are looking for something different than what you posted doesn't mean that everyone in the community has the same taste. Your recipes are great--you and I have similar taste, so I will always look for your recipes even though they may not be chosen. So please keep submitting!
sdebrango October 19, 2011
I think hardlikearmour's state fair cream puffs were entered in the picnic contest and then re-entered in the fair food contest and ended up winning, Does that help?
sdebrango October 19, 2011
Sorry it was street food not picnic food!
sdebrango October 19, 2011
This fudge sounds great, I have tried so many different recipes and have not been entirely happy with the results, just saved and am going to make yours. I do hope you enter it in the contest it's a great recipe.
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