just harvested Jerusalem artichoke- it's waiting for me in the fridge. how do I cook it?



healthierkitchen November 1, 2010
Came across this article from the NYT:

innoabrd October 31, 2010
I think they're great roasted with a bit of olive oil.

However, not a dish I would do for company. Many people, myself included, get rather, um, pronounced, um, flatulence...
stilltrying October 31, 2010
for short term I think so - mine are doing ok. For long term moist sand is recommended, and a cold place. Roasted a few last nite - unusual flavor, I can see how they would be good paired with something else. Can't say I loved them on their own. But I am gonna pair them with sweet or reg potatoes, or other veg.
healthierkitchen October 31, 2010
Just bought some at the farmstand today - this Jaime Oliver recipe is one might try - though I might do some roasted with turnips.


Is fridge best place to store? I've never had them before.
stilltrying October 30, 2010
I found recipes for it,but they all included potatoes. Just wondered if it is not great by itself in something like a gratin
stilltrying October 30, 2010
I ordered tubers thru a seed catalog. It's the root of perennial sunflower, native to north america. The native americans used it quite a bit.
aargersi October 30, 2010
Harvested? Very cool - do you grow them from starts like a potato or an onion? where did you get the start or seed or whatever?
Mr_Vittles October 29, 2010
I would coat it with a small amount of olive oil, salt and pepper it, then roast it in a hot oven, say 400 deg F. That way you'll get all those yummy caramelized bits.
thelocalcook October 29, 2010
just like any other root vegetable. You can eat it raw or bake it as you would a potato.
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