Should I offer a cocktail menu at the bar?

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  • Posted by: Food52
  • October 21, 2011


Bevi October 22, 2011
I also vote for one cocktail you can make in advance, along with something fizzy, another wine, and beer.
Helen's A. October 22, 2011
Yup, I vote for just one simple elegant cocktail...
ATG117 October 21, 2011
I agree with having one signature cocktail. simple and elegant.
amysarah October 21, 2011
Wine, beer, champagne or prosecco and maybe a premixed cocktail in a big jug or two. Or three. However, I also have a bottle of bourbon, vodka, etc. on hand, if anyone really prefers - I just don't put them out on the bar, so they're not the default. Also OJ, cranberry juice, tonic, etc. for both non-drinkers and those who really crave, say, a vodka tonic. Big bowls of cut up lemons/limes too. I leave anything involving an entire menu to the pro's.
sdebrango October 21, 2011
I'm with HLA and SKK, no menu offer a few mixed drinks, wine and beer.

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hardlikearmour October 21, 2011
I prefer to serve a signature cocktail or two. They can be batch mixed, so no one has to spend a bunch of time mixing individual drinks during the party. If I wanted to have a cocktail menu, I'd hire a bartender for the party.
SKK October 21, 2011
I am with HLA on this one! And we always offer white wine, red wine and beer. And plenty of water.
wssmom October 21, 2011
Two thumbs up on HLA's answer!
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