How can I arrange the bar top so that it looks festive yet elegant?

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  • Posted by: Food52
  • October 21, 2011


Sam1148 October 21, 2011
Don't forget lighting! Some small spot lights highlighting the bottles and glassware looks nice. Tho, I'd avoid the colored flashing 'disco' bar lighting. A simple spotlight or some LED candles behind the ice block vodka would look very nice...or Candles as sedebrango mentioned..kinda nested in with the glassware and bottles.

Crystal, glass, ice...look very nice when lit well.
SKK October 21, 2011
Sam, you are so talented!
sdebrango October 21, 2011
I like to decant my wine and put in beautiful glass or crystal decanters, candles in beautiful candle holders, fresh seasonal greenery. I find most bars to be pretty small so glasses are usually kept away from the bar. If its Thanksgiving maybe some gourds or small pumpkins placed in a decorative way would be nice. Also arranging artistically trays of sliced lemons and limes olives, cherries or whatever you need for the drinks. I like Sam's idea sounds beautiful.
drbabs October 21, 2011 looking forward to your FOOD52 party, sdebrango!
Sam1148 October 21, 2011
One very old trick for Vodka is encasing the bottle in ice. Use a paper juice or milk carton and fill with water. Put in the (full) vodka bottle and put in some herbs, like thyme or rosemary sprigs..or some dried flowers, and freeze.
You might have to do this in layers..freezing one layer to almost fozen then anchor the decorations in the 'almost solid' ice..and fill up with water. This is so they don't float.
Peel off the layer of paper carton when solid and you should have a bottle encased in an ice block with some herbage/flower in the ice.
This probably isn't a good idea if you don't have a bartender and it's self-serve as it's kinda slippery to handle, after a couple of Martinis but it looks great.
Sam1148 October 21, 2011
I forgot to add...Use distilled water to make a clear ice block. Remove the paper by running warm water over it.
Refreeze and run some water over it before service to clear up the surface of the ice. You could even chip the edges (be careful!) to make a more rustic chiseled ice block.
Tie a white napkin around the ice block to use a grip for service.
SKK October 21, 2011
I am with sdebrango, confused by the question. The bar top is a working space.
sdebrango October 21, 2011
Do you mean arrange the bottles and glasses or do you mean how would you decorate?
Food52 October 21, 2011
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