Substitution for taleggio

any thoughts?

Amanda Hesser


sdebrango October 22, 2011
I would use bel paese or maybe fontina.
DueSpaghetti October 22, 2011
Taleggio is a "washed rind" cheese, meaning that it is subject to a process that leaves it with a firm, often pungent outer rind, and a soft, more delicate interior. There is a long list of washed rind cheeses here: Taleggio is also sometimes called stracchino, as it belongs to the stracchini family of cheeses. Perhaps you can find it under this name. I think how you substitute it depends a lot on what it is that you need to do with it. Do you need the same consistency but the flavor can vary? Then a brie will work just fine. If you need the taleggio flavor, then I'd look for stracchino or a washed rind cheese. We recently posted a gnocchi recipe that calls for a taleggio sauce. If taleggio cannot be found, we'd advise just sauteeing a few leaves of fresh sage in olive oil and dressing the gnocchi this way. Good luck!
amysarah October 22, 2011
Maybe Robiola or a French Pont L'Eveque? Both usually easy to find, if that's why you need a sub for Taleggio.
aargersi October 22, 2011
Could you use a mix of brie for the creamy and then something nutty like, dang it what's that nutty smooth but not creamy kind of pale yellow cheese ....
wssmom October 22, 2011
Grayson is the closest; perhaps Livarot?
MaSaBeMama October 22, 2011
brie? there really is no substitute : - )
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