Will the marinade burn if I'm using skinless bone-in thighs? I was wondering if I needed to wipe it off. cooking in a cast iron skillet

  • Posted by: rayva
  • October 23, 2011


Greenstuff October 23, 2011
No, no. This recipe was developed with cast iron in mind. See the other half of rayva's question, which somehow got split. She should cut down on cooking time and keep a watch.
Chef K. October 23, 2011
Cook it at a moderate high heat. If it has sugar in it, it could burn. You should wipe it off so the liquid doesn't keep your chicken from browning. Put the skillet in a hot oven at about 400 to finish. If you try to finish it on the stove, the outside could burn before the inside is cooked.
MrsWheelbarrow October 23, 2011
If the marinade is highly acidic it may react with the cast iron and scorch
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