Substitute for seville oranges? Re: "The Alchemist's Chicken" recipe

I have a question about step 3 on the recipe "The Alchemist's Chicken (Chicken Roasted with Seville Oranges, Onions and Bay)" from creamtea. It says:

"Grate zest of the two oranges, and add to the bowl of a food processor. Halve the oranges crosswise, and, holding the halves over a bowl to catch any juices, remove the seeds with a longish knife or the point of a swivel peeler (they can be very stubborn). Cut the orange halves in half again to make it easier to remove the flesh from the peel. Add the flesh to the bowl of the food processor, pulling apart into smaller sections. If any juices were collected in the bowl, strain out the seeds and add juices to the food processor bowl as well."

I know seville oranges are out of season right now, any suggestions for a substitute? Thanks in advance!



creamtea October 24, 2011
But thanks for trying my recipe. Let me know what you decide to sub and how it turns out! Hope you'll try it again when Seville oranges come in (not too much longer, I think).
creamtea October 24, 2011
Unfortunately there is no super-great sub for Seville oranges in this recipe :( ! They have a very fragrant zest and distinctive flavor as they cook up (or down, rather). Though you might try clementine or lime. I've tried regular oranges, it just wasn't the same--sorry!!
hardlikearmour October 24, 2011
I'd also consider going with a grapefruit and a sweet orange.
drbabs October 24, 2011
Since she says you want the combination of sweet/sour, how about one lemon and one valencia or navel orange or clementine?
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