Can't Upload Image

I am trying to add a photo to my recipe - it is under 2 mg but the site keeps telling me it is too large ... am I the only one???



aargersi October 26, 2011
SUCCESS! I resized and now it is loaded ... I didn't know all of that pixel wizardry ... kinda like magic!!
Kristen M. October 25, 2011
Hi all -- this seems to be an issue for a number of people, and it's on the list of things for our developers to look into. In the meantime, the good news is your photos can be quite small and still look great online (and actually we'd prefer it -- it helps keep things speedy!). The photo size on our articles and recipe pages is currently 566 pixels across -- it needn't be bigger than that. Thanks for your patience!
sdebrango October 25, 2011
My image was under 2 MB but was sitill unable to load,I have a mac using iphoto and was able to contrain and change the image size to 1024x768 and that worked yesterday. Don't know if that will work today but give it a try if you can.
sdebrango October 25, 2011
Wish we had edit it's constrain not contrain.
Niknud October 25, 2011
I also had the same problem. For reasons unclear to me, re-saving the file as a '.gif' instead of a '.jpeg' seemed to solve the problem. Maybe give that a whirl?
sdebrango October 25, 2011
I have had the same problem repeatedly. Sometimes it will load other times it won't no matter if I change the size.
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