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My whipped cream broke...is there any salvaging it?

asked by XXX-XXX-6563 over 5 years ago
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added over 5 years ago

So I imagine this goes the same for mascarpone cheese "whipped" with confectioner's sugar and vanilla beans which was supposed to be a topping for a cake? It quickly separated into butter solid and liquid. Sad... it doesn't even taste that good as butter. Should I add bit of salt?

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Amanda Hesser

Amanda is a co-founder of Food52.

added over 5 years ago

Kristen Miglore, our senior editor, wrote in a post on whipped cream: "Salvaging extremely overwhipped cream can be done. Add up to 1/4 cup of cold whipping cream and work it in, stirring with a rubber spatula to restore the proper consistency."

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Anita is a vegan pastry chef & founder of Electric Blue Baking Co. in Brooklyn.

added over 5 years ago

In regards to the cheese whipped with confectioner's sugar: Try this trick to save it:

scrape the contents of the bowl into another container, then wash and completely dry the bowl. Return it to the mixer with a few tablepoons of butter/ or nondairy butter. Whip at high speed. Add the broken mixture one heaping spoonful at a time. Don't add the next spoonful until the one before it has been incorporated.

This should return it back from the dark side. Stop a few spoonfuls shy of adding the whole mixture or it might break again. I learned this trick for saving broken frosting from the amazing pastry chef (and my mentor) Pichet Ong.