Another issue relating to the site. Since the re-design, notifications to gmail that include the link to unsubscribe don't work.

You receive the recipe for the chocolate open face sandwich recipe (which is a nice recipe, of course). Just thought you'd be interested in knowing. You probably do already and have put it way down toward the bottom of your fixes-to-do list. And that's okay!! ;o)



AntoniaJames October 31, 2011
Just to update you, the link away from Hotline answers does work now to send me back to the Hotline question, and not the chocolate sandwich page. However -- and I suspect this is a super-easy fix, but is more about branding and user confusion than functionality -- it still refers to "foodpickle" and not "Hotline." This is nothing more than an FYI for something you might not have noticed or heard about yet. Thank you. ;o)
boulangere October 31, 2011
The foodpickle note is quite nostalgic ; )
Amanda H. October 29, 2011
I think we do have this on our list but I'm glad to be reminded of it so I can check the status. I really appreciate your note, and patience. Our team has tackled a lot of the bigger issues and they are chipping away at the smaller issues. In general, the notifications (those who are not getting any) are vexing and will take some digging but we really need to figure that one out. Also, fun update -- we shot a photo of the chocolate toast so our next version of the error message will LOOK a lot better!
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