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Not receiving any notifications but yet am getting the Digest. Also was wondering if anyone else is experiencing the ads on the right covering the page until I click the x? And this is happening without hovering my cursor over the ad. Mac and Camino browser -- thanks all!



ellenl October 31, 2011
All these problems and many more as well.
luvcookbooks October 31, 2011
still missing notifications, aol/ie
Merrill S. October 30, 2011
We've been getting lots of reports of strange ad behavior -- we'll definitely inquire about this with our ad agency and keep you all posted.
Merrill S. October 30, 2011
Boulangere, we're definitely working on the replying to comments issue, as we've all been experiencing that too. When you say Edit and Add a Photo functions still aren't working, do you mean you're not seeing those links on the recipe page?
boulangere October 31, 2011
Thank you, Merrill. The links appear, but when I try to post (publish) an edit, I get the Error screen. And when I try to add a photo, the button is there, but I when I click on it, I could wait until Tuesday, but nothing happens. I don't even get an error message. It just seems like a frozen screen. I hope I'm describing everything adequately for you. I use a Mac with Safari.
boulangere October 30, 2011
Sunday, Edit function for published recipes still isn't working, nor is the Add a Photo function working. Too, the Reply arrow on recipe comments isn't working. No pressure, not in a hurry, just a list. Thank you.
boulangere October 30, 2011
Oh, and when I do post a comment to a recipe, then hit the back arrow, I'm getting a blank screen and have to leave the site, then reload it.
gt9 October 30, 2011
tried to upload a recipe luck with multiple attempts.
luvcookbooks October 31, 2011
had the same problem, then the photo uploaded 9 times!! persevere...
AntoniaJames October 30, 2011
I'm getting really erratic ad behavior. Sometimes I get full dark screens that can only be released by clicking on the back button; other times I get the black screen with a long load time for video. I don't have the time or the tolerance for that kind of distraction, so I typically leave the site altogether. As noted elsewhere, I'd very gladly pay a generous annual fee for a premium membership, the only benefit of which would be to receive no advertisements. ;o)
luvcookbooks October 31, 2011
i think you should sign on as community tech advisor
TiggyBee October 30, 2011
Not in spam folder, but thanks for the suggestion anyway! And @ plevee - the ads for me get stuck until they've just about play out and I can click the x box to shrink it back off to the side. My cursor isn't anywhere near the ad, it just appears more like a pop-up. Very strange!
mensaque October 30, 2011
Check your spam box.My notifications ended up there.Maybe yours did to.
plevee October 30, 2011
I'm about to give up on Food 52 because of this. Mac and Firefox browser.
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