What is Urad Dal? I'm thinking it's a lentil, but I'm not sure which.



rroseperry November 5, 2011
What a great thread. Thanks for the suggestions
boulangere November 5, 2011
It was such a rich conversation and I gleaned amazing suggestions from it. I hope it helps you too. I've had a rich and expanding food experience from it.
boulangere November 5, 2011
There was a long thread about this a couple of months ago. If you enter urid dal (as it's spelled on my bag of it) in the search field in the upper right corner, then click on Hotline from the drop down menu, it will pull it up. It's loaded with lots of wonderful information.
rroseperry November 5, 2011
Thank you! I know what to look for now.
Panfusine November 5, 2011
Urad is a white lentil that resembles mung in appearance, They may be from the same family, except that soaked Urad tends to be a tad glutinous You'll find it in most Indian Grocery stores. When toasted they have a wonderful Meaty aroma. the pic below shows the dehusked whole urad, which may be used in this recipe. Hope this helps!
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