A question about a recipe: Eggplant Parmigiana, but healthy!

I have a question about the ingredient "(vegan) parmesan cheese" on the recipe "Eggplant Parmigiana, but healthy!" from Megan@Maison.




susan G. November 7, 2011
First, the reason that the word vegan is in parentheses is because it is optional -- if you have no issues with dairy cheese, by all means feel free to use the real thing. However, if you choose to use a vegan substitute, look for a brand called "Soyco" -- they make one with soy (http://www.galaxyfoods.com/galaxy-products/vegan-cheese/vegan/vegan-topping/), also a soy based non-vegan option. These come from Galaxy Foods, and should be in both health food stores and supermarkets (probably either with tofu or with cheese).
pierino November 7, 2011
Probably nothing you would want to eat anyway. Parmigiano is a very specific DOC cheese and to vegan it up is a crime against food. I guarantee that you won't find it in Parma. Either you eat real cheese or you don't.
sdebrango November 7, 2011
There is a vegan parm, I have used it before. Some is made from soy and some from rice. You can find it in vegan section of the supermarket or health food store.. They also have a well stocked vegan section at whole foods.
ATG117 November 7, 2011
There are vegan cheeses, though I've never seen vegan parm. Then again, I haven't looked for it, and I don't buy vegan cheese, so it could be out there. You could, as Shuna suggests, use nutritional yeast. I happen to like the way it tastes and it does have a cheesy note. But I might mix it with a vegan mozzarella, which definitely exists, as opposed to using it on its own.
Shuna L. November 7, 2011
I can't find the link to the recipe that you are referencing but my first guess would be the yeast that many people sprinkle on their popcorn aka Nutritional Yeast Flakes or Brewer's Yeast. sometimes it tastes a bit cheesy to me...
susan G. November 7, 2011
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