How much does 1 1/4 cup fresh bread crumbs weigh? I'm subbing other ingredients, by weight, to make a meatloaf gluten free. Thank you. ;o)

Will most likely be using a combination of toasted golden flax seed -- freshly ground with a mortar and pestle -- and some quick oats. I promise to report back on the results. Thanks so much, everyone. ;o)



vvvanessa November 12, 2011
i just made meatballs tonight using quick oats and did an even substitution in volume for the breadcrumbs, and they turned out fine. just a thought if you haven't already made the meatloaf: ground flax+liquid is often used as an egg substitute providing binding and stickiness, so i wonder if it could result in a gummy or too-dense meatloaf, especially if there is already egg in it? in any case, i love how detailed your question is! : )
boulangere November 11, 2011
Well, if you have a scale, first weigh out 1.25 cups of bread crumbs. But please bear in mind that flax seed, and oats are likely going to be more dense. Perhaps consider replacing 1# of sub ingredients for the 1.25# of bread crumbs. Take a look at the final mixture and see if it needs more liquid of whatever its source or more dry ingredients, or even more egg. It's all a science experiment.
Sam1148 November 11, 2011
Here you go.
A nice chart of things by weight.
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