A question about a recipe: Yogurt Dessert with Sapa, Sumac, Coffee and Honey

I have a question about the ingredient "Sapa" on the recipe "Yogurt Dessert with Sapa, Sumac, Coffee and Honey" from Sagegreen.



knitnbead November 14, 2011
Thanks for your very speedy response. Am I guessing it's a liquid something like a good balsamic vinegar. If I am unable to get this can I substitute a good balsamic? I have a really good bottle already and would like to use it.
Sagegreen November 14, 2011
Yes, but you would want to reduce it by a third to a half. Check the sweetness...you may need a tad more honey with balsamic. Let me know how it works out. Sapa is very interesting and less expensive than a good balsamic, so worth sourcing, I think.
Sagegreen November 14, 2011
Thanks. It was a delightful discovery for me. I found it at Nudo who offer this:The Romans used sapa before cheap sugar became widely available in the 16th century. We'd like everyone to rediscover this stuff: try it instead of balsamic vinegar in salad dressings, pour it over oven roasted vegetables and meats, drizzle it on pecorino or parmesan cheese and even try it with ice cream and pannacotta. It's made from the must of grapes by our friend Silvano who shakes with excitement when he thinks about new people discovering his beloved sapa. http://www.nudo-italia.com/products/22
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