acidic chocolate ganache

i just made a batch of ganache (scharffen berger 70% bittersweet and heavy cream) and it's a bit acidic. i already used it on the cake i needed it for, and it's okay but not awesome. i often use callebaut for ganache, not scharffen berger, but the chocolate hadn't seemed particularly acidic right out of the package. if this happens again, is there a way to sweeten the finished product or lessen the acidity?



Anitalectric November 16, 2011
Maybe the recipe calls for too much chocolate and not enough fat. In the past, when I have been playing around with recipes it is always too much cocoa that causes this problem. Do you think if you serve the already done cake with lots of whip cream and/or ice cream that the fat from them might help cut the acidity?
vvvanessa November 16, 2011
thanks for that answer! i probably could have added a bit more cream to the ganache and not sacrificed texture, but the solution of whipped cream or ice cream served with the cake is a good one to keep in mind. i also thought about dusting the cake with powdered sugar, but the ganache was still wet and i thought it might look funny with partially dissolved powdered sugar on it.
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